International Volunteer Camp

International volunteer camp it is a planting camp that involves volunteers from different countries in solving environmental problems.

We focus on preservation and restoration of drylands, forests and water bodies. Our mission is to train volunteers in different aspects of environmental protection and accelerate development of their own environmental initiatives.

We plant trees with volunteers and provide them free accommodation, food and transfer around planting site.

What's International Volunteer Camp?
Our experience in numbers
13 million trees
13 years
working with volunteers
planted with our volunteers

Why participate?

During this community gathering,

you can

  • Find companions from around the globe
  • Learn about new planting technologies
  • Improve and upgrade personal and team skills
  • Participate
    in master classes
    and networking
Who can participate?
Young people from 18 to 35 years
Preferable countries of residence: Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey

Members of scientific communities
Interest in sustainable development and environmentalism
You can fill the form and we will contact you to inform about your acceptance status.
In 2023 International Volunteer Camp will gather in Spring / Summer.

Potential planting sites: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia.

How to participate in International Volunteer Camp?
Become a volunteer
Fill the form and leave email address to get all the latest news about International Volunteer Camp
Our managers will contact you and provide all needed information: check list, guide to a new country, financial advice.
Book your ticket, take rest and plant trees with new community!
Our Partners
Lyazina Mukhammad
+7 965 366 70 21
+7 985 840 26 69
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