Our mission

Qaragach Fondation purpose is to implement a sustainable culture into society and contribute to the green economy.

Our projects directed to environmental education and involvement of different target audiences in environmental practices in everyday life.
Plant the Forest

a service restoring nature & fighting climate change
Plant the Forest is tackling the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, restoring drylands and protecting biodiversity.

We work with volunteers and local people.

How it works?

Plant the Forest works as a crowdfunding platform, we’re collecting money from people and businesses for tree planting. We can plant one tree or several hectares, it’s up to you - 1 tree costs 1000 tenge.

After donation you’ll get a digital certificate that confirms your contribution to forest restoration. Make a contribution for yourself, your company or present it confirms your contribution to forest restoration. You can make it for yourself, your organization or present it as a gift to a loved one on a memorable date.

After the tree is planted we’ll send you a photo and GPS coordinates so you can check on it and share with friends.

Our project makes sure trees thrive so they can protect the environment for tomorrow.


environmental education for everyone
Ecoclass - environmental lessons for performing in schools by local teachers, parents and environmental leaders.

Ecoclass is a complex of teaching materials like study guides, video lessons, workbooks, presentations, in-class games and more.

Ecoclass provides ready-made ecological lessons on different topics for free.
Ecoclass environmental lessons
Environmental lessons on waste

Separate With Us

Interactive lessons Separate With Us introduces students to the topic of separate waste collection and the circular economy.

A series of modern lessons talks about concepts such as separate collection and recycling of waste, introduces students to international experience in the field of waste management, recycling technologies and the principles of zero waste lifestyle.

Lessons were designed with new concepts of gamification which help students to absorb information more efficiently.

  • more than 15 thousand teachers conducted lessons
  • more than 700 thousand schoolchildren participated lessons
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A series of ecological lessons Forestmania
Forestmania it's a series of lessons dedicated to forests and the global problem of deforestation. Lessons available on 4 languages, including Russian, Kazakh, English and Belarusian. The goal of the lesson is to promote careful attitude towards forests among students and teach them basics of responsible choice-making. The series of lessons targets 3 different age groups:
  • Primary school (6 - 10 years)
  • Junior school (11 - 14 years)
  • High School (15 - 18 years)
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Project vision and mission: there is no life on Earth without water. The aim of the lessons is to teach kids how we effect global water resources, how we use and pollute water. Lessons were translated on 8 languages: Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Belorusian and Tajik.

At the end of the course kids are informed about ways how to became a Waterkeeperer, how to reduce pollution, help local communities and more.
Become a Waterkeeper
How we work?
  • Transparency - our approach to trust
    In Qaragaсh we strive to make our projects as transparent as possible. We believe that transparency in the environment is a major key, it sets an example for business and government & connects people.

  • Carbon calculations - our approach to numbers
    We use a CO2 calculator to calculate emissions, which allows us to implement an emission reduction strategy and thus reduce the environmental impact of people and companies.
  • Scientific base - our approach for research
    Qaragach collaborated with ecologists and scientists to create a sustainable project.
Key performance indicators of the fund:
number of participants in projects from different target audiences (schoolchildren, students, adults)
number of programs, projects and activities aimed for the implementation of the our mission
percentage of positive feedback from target audience and participants
number and quality of actions aimed at environmental changes that were made by project participants from different target audiences
Contact Us
Public fund for sustainable solutions "Qaragach"
BIN: 221240003613

Executive director: Maria Bannikova
E-mail: qaragach@eca-planet.com
Address: Tole Bi street, 302
Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050031